Master the Art, Science, and Business of Forestry

Forest Stewardship and Investment Courses

Owning forest land and profitably and sustainably growing timber is no easy task. It requires a fair amount technical knowledge, and without practical experience, it can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve distilled my experience as a professional forester and landowner myself into easily-digestible courses.

Tree Felling


Tree felling is a crucial skill to get the most out of your land. This course teaches you how to safely fell trees with confidence.



Silviculture is at the heart of all timberland investment. Witness effective silviculture first-hand with this course.

Forest Finance


Learn the economics of forestry so you can better plan and manage your timber and land profitably and sustainably.

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When You Grow a Forest, You Grow More Than Trees.

Unlock Everything Your Land Can Offer

Your forest can be more than you think. It can be an income, a food source, an energy source, and a passion. Unlock the potential of your land by learning the practice of sound forest management.

Learn the Basics of Forest Management and Become Your Own Forester

The world of forestry can be a complicated one for beginners, and while most of America’s forests are in the hands of small-time individuals, few resources exist to help them understand how to manage these crucial tracts of timber.

The result has been disastrous for both our forests and their owners, as forests have suffered from poor management, and owners have missed out on opportunities to own truly lucrative and productive assets.

I wrote How to Read Your Forest as an early remedy to demystify the art and science of forest management so you can become your own forester.