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From understanding natural forest dynamics to utilizing harvest prescriptions, the art and science of silviculture imitates and influences nature to grow valuable, sustainable, and ecologically-sound timber assets. Now you can learn silviculture with real examples from an industrial forest in this comprehensive course.

Why Take Our Silviculture Course?

1️⃣ Build a Solid Foundation in Forest Management: If you own forest land or are thinking of buying forest land, it is critical you have a solid understanding of forests, how they grow, and how their dynamics can be harnessed for the benefit of your future timber supply. This course goes above and beyond to give you that foundation and ensure you can competently guide decision making for your forest.

2️⃣ See REAL examples of Silviculture: While text books and college courses can give you the theory, our course explores real examples of silvicultural implementation, so you can see the actual results and consequences of that implementation in a profit-motivated forest environment. This gives you confidence in the efficacy of practices as well as a taste for some of the unintended consequences that can accompany a treatment.

3️⃣ Interactive Learning Experience: Our course doesn’t just offer passive video lessons. You’ll actively participate in your learning journey through interactive quizzes and assessments. Reinforce your understanding, test your knowledge, and receive instant feedback, ensuring that you’re ready to apply your skills on your land.

4️⃣ Become an Expert in Your Local Ecosystem: Unfortunately, with the sheer diversity of forest communities across the US, it can be almost impossible to cover every forest type with sufficient detail. That’s why we designed the course to be universal. Though filmed in Maine, the principles taught here apply to any forest you may encounter, regardless of whether you live in the southeast or Pacific northwest. With a foundation in silviculture and a literacy in forest science, you can then browse our regionally-sorted aggregation of course materials to read up on the latest science for the individual species in your area.

5️⃣Unlimited Access: Watch course content as many times as you like with unlimited access. After purchasing, you will never lose access to course materials, allowing you to return to rewatch segments and read more silvicultural guides from our aggregation of resources.

What You’ll Learn:
Course Units

  • What Is Silviculture?
  • Natural Stand Dynamics
  • The Science of Site and Soil
  • Understanding Thinning
  • Regeneration Harvesting
  • Silvicultural Decision Making

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Silviculture Course FAQs

How long Is the course

The course takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete with units broken down into digestible segments ranging from 2:00-20:00 each.

How long do I have access to the course?

After purchasing, you have lifetime access to all course materials.

What region is this course suited to?

While filmed in Maine, the silvicultural principles taught are universal through North American forests.

Does this course cover the economics of timberland investment?

While economics are mentioned when relevant, they aren’t covered in great detail. Check back later for a separate course on this matter.


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November 21, 2023

I own 150 acres in New York, and I have waited for something like this for a long time. I wish I had it 30 years ago. My forester has given me thoughts over the years, but nothing has given me the full picture like this. Im now looking at my forest with completely new eyes. EXCELLENT WORK!

Brandon Mathias